Frequently Asked Questions

What is N7?

  • Nitrogen is a chemical element with the symbol N and atomic number of 7 (N7)

Is it safe?

  • Yes! While trained Amir’s Nitrogen Ice Parlor staff use liquid nitrogen to N7-stant Freeze your creamy N7-dulgence, the liquid nitrogen evaporates into a gas before it is served to you. During the N7-stant Freeze process, the liquid nitrogen boils upon coming in contact with your mixture of ingredients, aerating your ice cream in the course. In gas form, nitrogen is nonflammable and inert, which means it is not chemically reactive. As a result, your N7-dulgence is safe Science You Can Eat!

Is it healthy?

  • As the Taste-Test Scientist, you are in control: your base, your flavor N7-Fusion, your Mix-N7s toppings, your N7-dulgence, your way! For a list of caloric and dietary details, check out Amir’s Nitrogen Ice Parlor Menu (“Menu” hyperlinked)

How long does it take to freeze an Amir’s Nitrogen Ice Parlor N7-dulgence?

  • Our ice cream N7-dulgences are crafted with liquid nitrogen at -320° Fahrenheit, which freezes your ice cream creation in seconds.

Did You Know?

  • Under normal conditions nitrogen is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas.
  • Nitrogen makes up around 78% of the air you breathe and 3% of your bodyweight.