How It Works

How It Works

One bite of an Amir’s Nitrogen Ice Parlor N7-dulgence and you may find yourself asking how we get our ice creams so creamy. The answer is in our process.

How It Works

At Amir’s Nitrogen Ice Parlor, our N7-dulgences are hand-crafted, fresh-to-order. We mix your choice of a dairy, yogurt or vegan cream base with your selection of a flavor N7-fusion and Mix-N7s toppings and then N7-stantly freeze the mixture using liquid nitrogen (N7).


Since liquid nitrogen has a boiling point of -320° Fahrenheit, when our trained staff pour liquid nitrogen over/above your mixture of ingredients, it N7-stantly freezes fat particles and water crystals, allowing them to remain tiny. The smaller the particles, the creamier your ice cream N7-dulgence! Now that’s Science You Can Eat!

You’re The Scientist

Now comes the best part: taste-test your experiment! Afterward, let us know how you did. Afterall, all great scientists document their results.

How delicious did your hypothesis (N7-dulgence recipe) turn out?

Share your results for a chance to have your creation featured as the next weekly You-Call-It N7-dulgence! Use #AmirsParlor and tag @AmirsParlor in all your social media posts.